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Kevin Henry
you a wild boy!! I just watched this video. I made some bank without MC but, well done. I might take the leap and try MC.
Comment from : Kevin Henry

Hey crypto face , how do we join your discord ?
Comment from : TheMansGame

Brad Smith
Continue to do good things bro! This is a trader’s dream. Ignore the haters ✌🏻
Comment from : Brad Smith

nice one...don't have your MC but wish i did
Comment from : dkrhome

That's PHP10 million wtf im so jealous.
Comment from : Makubekz

Amazing! Happy for your gains! Lets keep make more money!
Comment from : AbrossaTV

Microbian 9L
Do you ever stream your entries or do you usually start a stream a little while after you're in a position?
Comment from : Microbian 9L

Crypto Wars
fuk what a legend boss :) great work... thank you FC & FG
Comment from : Crypto Wars

Michael Milbrat
Geebus you really called that one is an understatement. Holy moly batman.
Comment from : Michael Milbrat

I’m having trouble paying off my two credit card crazy he mentioned that.. so he showed this trade live anyone could have followed this?
Comment from : YogaFlameTV

EN Reefs
good lord. this thing double dipped!
Comment from : EN Reefs

Harold W.
Your hard work and kindness to those striving to make a better life for themselves is paying off. Karma right now is your red Prancing Horse.
Comment from : Harold W.

Jason Appleton
Idc what any1 says, this is the best crypto YouTube channel, no moon boy bullshit, no sunny decrap
Comment from : Jason Appleton

mmqwer qert
get my hands on new i phone 11
thanks for everything

Comment from : mmqwer qert

Kingdom Come
🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂Duuude, I'm so fu€k!ng jealous. Not because you are doing it, but because I want to be getting it too😂🤣😂🤣😂.
You better be careful dude, they gonna come for you.🤔

Comment from : Kingdom Come

Jason Parent
Man I got to get market cypher
Comment from : Jason Parent

Alex Laza
Time to buy market cipher was waiting for the dump!!!!
Comment from : Alex Laza

Kirk Durant
Damn damn , how can I get involved , this can't be for real
Comment from : Kirk Durant

Microbian 9L
Wow congrats dude
Comment from : Microbian 9L

Thank you so much, CF! Youre the best!! :D And gratulations for youre new ferrari! ;) And never forget: Keep youre well earend money!

Warm Greetings from Germany!

Comment from : SuperExtreme

Juan Porto
all theee waaaay lol
Comment from : Juan Porto

Francisco Almendra
Congrats! Suggestion: Move to Portugal, buy a HUGE place on the west coast (350k EUR or more) and get yourself a Portuguese (thus European) visa from our government
Comment from : Francisco Almendra

Gregg D
You called it, Face. You were right. I was wrong. Once it broke 9500 I jumped out. It just wasnt bearish to me until it broke that 6 year trend line on the triangle. Nice call. I still say it wasn't the BaKKT group. It hit my targets at 7800 and 8200, so I'm trying to gather where to sell now. Its going to the 6000s after this short term bounceback rally, after breaking every support on the way down...every one, blammm!!! Dont see that often. LOL
Comment from : Gregg D

Josh Hanson
That was epic. Sad I did not participate :(
Comment from : Josh Hanson

harry wu
If I profit ... I will get MC
Comment from : harry wu

What a great predictable day ! Well done CF, I wish I 'risked' more
Comment from : Cryptoversity

Comment from : Max

Mr Britcoin nakamoto
omg your killing it man omg im shocked how good that indicator is im comming to get a copy soon seeing it in action
Comment from : Mr Britcoin nakamoto

Vladimír Čert
I think you made more because unrealized P&L was calculated from mark price which is coinbase price which was much higher at that moment.
Comment from : Vladimír Čert

congraz man ! enjoy your new car
Comment from : sporia

most epic stream of 2019, we killed that short!
Comment from : Jedeye

Fernando Fernandez
Congratulations man!!!! Fucking incredible! Now it is time to nail the pump!
Comment from : Fernando Fernandez

Crypto Joe
Comment from : Crypto Joe

Congratulations bro!
Comment from : Isai8o

Yung Content
Crypto Face MAYNE
Comment from : Yung Content

Thanks for the profits face !
Comment from : frits

DLT Channel
Comment from : DLT Channel

Chaotic Crypto
Comment from : Chaotic Crypto

David G
Congratulation CF ! well managed !
Comment from : David G

Congrats man. I saw the hourly green dot and opened a long! Went out , I know you wouldn't believe it but while I was out I was thinking all you're getting (I mean you CF) has nothing to do with TA but it's KARMA. I got back home, Well, got liquidated. The I watched your video and what do I see? You mentioning KARMA! I really do envy you man! You deserve every cent.
Comment from : E N

Now it's time to celebrateeee!!!

Comment from : Gurlandia

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